Set YOUR Compass! Define YOUR Goal!

Without a specific target to aim for I have been pretty much directionless for the most of my adult life to date! It didn’t matter that I thought i was carrying out productive tasks or that i always had something to accomplish every day. The fact was I was doing a lot, expending a lot of mental, physical and spiritual energy; however it all pretty much amounted to nothing!

This was as a result of the fact that my efforts and actions were not directed towards anything meaningful!

When I became aware that my output to date was not going to move me forward nor was it ever going to move me anywhere worthwhile without a specific purpose, a specific desire directed towards a specific goal!

No Growth Was Taking Place!

The realization that I have been in effect stagnating till that point a great disappointment, I had given so much and worked so hard and yet the reality was is that I was where I was and doomed to remain there for a very long time!

However, it was at one and the same time an immensely huge relief! The relief came about by learning the understanding that I can take responsibility to change, a relief because I had been given the skills to create a new direction for the rest of my life, relief because the frustrations being experienced to date does not have to be a part of my life no longer, but the biggest relief was the awareness that I can accomplish anything I desire…I just needed to direct my thoughts, emotions and actions efficiently!

Setting My Compass!

So with all this new found understanding I decided to commit to change!  I wrote down my goals!

When I developed my goals I put a lot of thought and time into deciding the image of the life that I wanted!

I found the teachings of Bob Proctor immensely phenomenal when it came to this exercise. As I was always raised believing that there were  limits to what I could accomplish  or what I could achieve and how I had to live my life, what I learnt from Bob Proctor allowed me to change all this historical conditioning. He teaches the power of thought and letting the imagination free to develop any desire or want and apply it  onto my subconscious mind! This was the critical aspect: applying goal onto my subconscious mind so that I can take my paradigm to new levels of enthusiasm and efficiency!

We Get What We Earn!

After detailing what I want, how I want to live, what I desired to do to earn my abundance I started to get specific on how I was going to improve my productivity and ensuring that there was a strategy in place to earn my goal!

This was important as nothing worthwhile comes with ease and abundance doesn’t fall into our laps…we need to give before we can get!

It was in developing this strategy that I found the teachings of Zig Ziglar immensely beneficial! He teaches the following steps to realizing a worthwhile goal:

  1. Define and get specific about what I wanted.
  2. Define the reasons why I want my goal.
  3. Define what I must overcome.
  4. List out what I needed to know.
  5. Decide and find out who I must work with.
  6. Set out a specific plan of action
  7. Set the date when I will achieve my goal!

A Limitless Future!

So with a greatly expanded awareness, new understanding and access to resources that equip me to help myself I am moving on a fixed path of progress towards my goal!

The chasm that has been closed from where I was to where I am now cannot be defined in words, as the mental adjustment is complimented with improvements in confidence, strengthening of faith, resolve and persistence to keep on taking specific action everyday and placing a high premium on my thoughts and feelings each and every day!


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