Positive Action, Success and Progress

With my first post of 2016 I have made a decision to set the trend by which I will progress through 2016 (and beyond).

The focus is to go out and achieve the abundance and success that is available to everyone! In order to achieve this, every day has to be a gradual improvement in the quality of my lifestyle, my relationships, doing more activities that bring enjoyment and taking responsibility to make sure that I am not sacrificing my time, energy and enthusiasm on the altar of duty or expected societal norms.

When I started really thinking of what I want, what I want to achieve but more importantly of the person I wanted to become I began to develop my specific image and goals, which would elevate me to the heights of plenty that any of us can reach. To be better I have to become better!

The next question was: how will I attain these heights desired?

For a long time I have been a fervent student of some of the greatest minds of our  time: Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor,  Jim Rohn, Les Brown,Zig Ziglar and others. However, for significant portions of 2015 my desired results never materialized and more destructive to my intended future, the application of what I was learning was not done with the correct understanding or enthusiasm. I felt myself slipping into old habits too easily, not closing out my priority actions and petty external influences were having a greater impact than they should have!

I stopped mixing my beliefs with my actions! I read and accepted and, thought I understood what I was studying, however unless my actions changed I was not going to change.

[PRAXIS: Mixing Belief with Actions!]

My paradigm needed to have two aspects of influence to change:

  1. Constant goal focused thinking and relevant study.
  2. Efficient action done in a  certain way!

Efficient Action is where I was falling short and unless I changed, I would continue to fall short of my desires and goals.

The challenge I have taken up for 2016 is so wonderfully set out by Earl Nightingale in his masterpiece The Strangest Secret.

The understanding became apparent: I will not get what I do not earn! So I have set out to start my 2016 by undertaking Earl Nightingales 30 Day Challenge, where I will give without expectation of reward and give with the right attitude for 30 Days!

So for the next 30 days I will live and give according to the following principals making the conscious decision and concerted effort to overcome negative habits by actively replacing with positive habits:

  1. Write down my specific goal on a card with Matthew 7:7 on the reverse: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”
  2. Remove all negative thoughts, doubts, worries and self-limiting beliefs from my thoughts and consciousness.
  3. Pay the Price! Focus on my goal, throughout the day, with faith, expectation, enthusiasm and persistence.
  4. Do more than what is required every day by taking efficient action and acting in the certain way.
  5. Save 10% of everything.
  6. Be calm and cheerful! Do not let petty things or people annoy me!

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