Take Control, Have Direction, Experience Abundance!

For far too long I drifted through life thinking that i was  doing all that i was capable of doing and that I was on the right track to having all that  I wanted.

However I  kept experiencing too many hiccups and adverse situations with seemingly one failure after another conspiring to keep me pegged down and sucking me dry of any semblance of  good that I had.

I was really feeling like a victim and playing the part very well mind you!

This kept on happening for far too long and it was only after a positive interaction that I realized I was behaving like a puppet dangling from some innocuous  strings letting myself be treated by others how they saw fit for  me.

This is when I decided to take control!

What I  learnt was that if we don’t have a goal, a specific, meaningful, worthwhile goal that will cause us to stretch,  grow and become an entirely new level of skillful we wont have control of ourselves.

A goal in this understanding essential to change who we are as WHAT WE BECOME is the most significant reward from attaining a goal!


When we fix on this goal we are able to live our lives with more purpose and more importantly  focused on a specific direction that leads  to growth, change, increased faith and an ever increasing understanding of what we are capable of.

Our thoughts, feelings and  actions, when brought onto harmony with the goal we are working towards, become more  productive and efficient. We start to look for ways to make sure our  goal is attain, there is  certainty  to our thought processes and our actions taken have a definite purpose attached to  them which make us more efficiency.

This efficiency of thoughts, feelings and actions builds up a wonderful momentum (albeit from humble beginnings) that increases each  and everyday we work towards our goals in  this understanding. The momentum built up creates a wonderful resolve that becomes increasingly steadfast and we become better family members, friends, neighbors  and parts of our society and all the while this is happening the  results in  our lives are improving, increasing in quality have a more worthwhile  substance and end up  moving us from where we were to where we want to  be!

The significant change in our lives leads to abundance in every aspect. We lead happier healthier more abundant lives and we don’t  just  exist but really live!


One thought on “Take Control, Have Direction, Experience Abundance!

  1. Excellent advice Allan! I like that you mention thoughts, feelings, and actions. They are different aspects but all need to work together in harmony towards the goal.


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