The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Significant change often comes after disaster or extreme adversity…at least that’s how it worked out for me!

You see I thought that I had it all figured out from a young age, and was moving forward towards a substantial life. However I got to a stage of  my life where the nagging thoughts and feeling of: knowing I can do more, be better, achieve more than I am and realize a greater potential than I  was; started to become more and more persistent which lead me to put more effort into channels which, as I would find out later in life,  didn’t offer substance or value.

I have always had a fear of mediocrity,  this was a combination  of seeing how my family  struggled as well as seeing  others having what I wanted and living how I knew I could live. So I kept my head down from a young age, sacrificed a lot and worked towards something that I felt would help me overcome mediocrity and open a life that I knew I could live. This mindset and understanding got me to a certain point but my life never really kicked into gear! I was always struggling and my results/rewards never matched the efforts that I was putting in and life continued to be challenging! When I hit a ceiling, I studied more and got another qualification; when I hit another ceiling I repeated the  process…so I was always doing something that I thought would impress a prospective employer, which often proved futile.

Over a period of 5 years repeating this cycle, frustration continued to grow, and a series of challenges I experienced eventually lead me to stop and ask  some serious questions: Why am I always experiencing hardships? How can I be better? What do I need to do to take control? And this was the most significant because control of my life had been taken away from me entirely and I need to learn how to never let that happen again!

It was at this point when out of desperation I searched for the book that inspired Rhonda Byrnes The Secret. As I had read The Secret and never gained much substance from this (in particular when I was going through my challenges) I wanted something more something else and something of significance that can help me immediately! It was at this point that 2 phenomenal experiences happened that have changed the  way I am living ever since: firstly I discovered The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles…a manuscript that puts the process of earning in the best format possible! The second was encountering an old seminar of You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor and it was while watching this seminar from the early 90’s that he answered so many questions and the lessons he was teaching spoke to me directly and specific to the challenges I was going through!

This was a defining moment in my life as an entirely new thought process, way of living and mindset adjustment opened up to me and the hammer dropped in my own mind: “I have been doing everything wrong my entire life to this point: The way I think, the way I pursue success, the way I conduct my life mentally and physically, how I pursue goals, HOW TO SET GOALS!”

So there I was having spent a significant part of my life thinking I was on the right track but I didn’t know what I didn’t know and having  this information come  into my life was an immense event which essentially became the first day of the rest of my life.

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