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Pittsburgh Criminal Attorney

If a person is caught in possession of, or using a fake ID in our state he or she can find themselves without a driver's license for up to six months. Underage drinking is often charged along with fake ID charges and if DUI is added to the mix, the penalties just keep mounting up. A Pittsburgh criminal defense attorney should be consulted immediately. We understand that young people sometimes get carried away and make errors in judgment. We also understand that one mistake is often all that it takes to turn things around. Carrying the mistake with them into the future on their criminal record is going to negatively impact a college, or future college, student.

Attorney Frank Walker aggressively fights for every client. Our firm has successfully resolved many cases at the preliminary hearing preventing excessive fines and penalties. Our results are our most convincing proof of our ability and we are happy to show them to you.

Criminal Lawyer Serving Pittsburgh Youth in Fake ID Charges

When you are charged with fake ID, the court will want to know that you are taking it seriously. They will show leniency if they can see that you are and they are convinced that you are unlikely to repeat the offense. When you come before the judge with an accomplished criminal defense attorney advocating for you, they will have the confidence they need to consider a better outcome for you.

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Once the outcome of your case is determined, our firm will advise you on the benefits of and your eligibility for David – Safe Practice Surfing Bradley w4x0xPCq. We want to help you get on with your life. A professional approach to the resolution of your legal problems will free you from the mistakes of the past.

Caught with fake ID? Don't take any chances. Contact a Pittsburgh criminal lawyer at our firm today.

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